Can I get a refund?

At Storm Media UK we want to ensure that you are 100% happy with your purchase. If you have any technical or sales issues, do not hesitate to contact us. In case our technical support does not solve your issue within 30 business days you’re able to get a refund, of the remaining service left. We want to make things right and we assure you our services is very stable, and in most cases, you will not face issues that we can’t solve

Please note that a £5.00 cancellation fee will be assessed for all cancellations of our monthly plans,

A £10.00 cancellation fee will apply to our quarterly plans,

A £15.00 cancellation fee will apply to our bi-annual plans,

A £20.00 cancellation fee will apply to our annual plans.

Refund will cover you in any case of the issue that comes from our technical side.

You will not be able to get a refund in the following cases:

• You will not be approved for a refund if the issue is not on our technical side (If is coming from your side, a device that you use or bad internet connection in your country or area) or any other possibility’s that does not include our technical possibilities.

• You will not be approved to get a refund in any case if you violate our terms and conditions and your account is suspended.

• You will not be approved to get a full refund if you used our services for a while, and for example in any case, if you have a subscription of 12 or fewer months and after 8 months of perfect service used you’re facing technical issue on our side that we can’t solve it in 30 days ( and you’re not able to use the rest subscription purchased from us because of the issue) in this case, you’ll be able to have a partial refund for the rest subscription period that you can’t use.

• You will not be approved for a refund you purchase your subscription within 7 days of a trial and stream quality is reported as a reason for requesting a refund. The same streams are used for trials and paid subscriptions.

• You will not be approved for a refund if you change from one MAC-activated device to another MAC device. Only devices and applications which use the M3U playlist are able to be switched with the same subscription (Devices that require MAC code to connect are not able to be switched with other devices, subscription is strictly activated for that MAC.)

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